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Workshop changes

Those of you who’ve been to the hackspace in the last week will have noticed that new workbenches have been installed in the workshop. There’s a shelf for storage beneath each bench and which should allow the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Workshop Maintenance

Our bandsaw has needed a bit of TLC for a while, the clamp lever for the fence was broken, making it impossible to use it as a guide so straight cuts were impossible, a situation not helped by the fact … Continue reading

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All the new toys! Lasers, Lathes and L3DPrinters?

This month has been very successful at furnishing the space with some fun new toys^H^Hols. Arriving at the space imminently* we have the following :- A shiny new metalworking Lathe – not exactly new, in fact may be older than … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Laser Cutter Alignment Problems

I’m writing this because it appears we’re not the only ones to suffer from this problem, but there’s little information out there, and it initially had most people I asked completely baffled. Martin Raynsford suggested the problem was most likely … Continue reading

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Arduino and the Minimus 32

We recently bought a big pile of very cheap AVR Minimus 32 USB dev boards via Manchester Hackspace. These ship with a DFU bootloader.  This works fine when building regular C code, but that involves a fair learning curve for … Continue reading

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OggCamp, Printers and Pi

We’ve had a busy couple of months since my last update, with more new faces (more members are always welcome, there’s still plenty of room!) and some great progress on one of our larger projects. 18th/19th of August brought OggCamp … Continue reading

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A Busy Weekend

Saturday saw 3 of us take a trip to Harrogate for the Model Engineering show, thousands of square feet of exhibition space filled with tool porn and stunning models (though the term “model” doesn’t really do them justice!). It was … Continue reading

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What to do with a mountain of op-amps?

Through a series of strangely interconnected events we currently find ourselves in posession of massive quantities of 741 op-amps. Which leads to the question of just what can you do with a lot of them (apart from maybe making a … Continue reading

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