Arduino and the Minimus 32

We recently bought a big pile of very cheap AVR Minimus 32 USB dev boards via Manchester Hackspace.

These ship with a DFU bootloader.  This works fine when building regular C code, but that involves a fair learning curve for people new to embedded development.

To that end I implemented Arduino support for the Minimus.  This is now available on github.  An AVR-ISP programmer (or Arduino pretending to be one) is required to replace the bootloader, but after that ‘s just as easy to use as any other Arduino board.

We have spare Minimus boards for sale at the space.  We’ll even flash the Arduino bootloader at no extra cost :-)


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7 Responses to Arduino and the Minimus 32

  1. Jon Wilson says:

    Great work!
    I have a pile of these too.

    I can’t seem to burn the bootloader and must be missing something. Did you have to set any fuses? Can you post a pic of the AVR-ISP / FTDI cable connection to Minimus.

    Thanks for your work on this.

    • Paul Brook says:

      IIRC the avr-isp uses the standard 6-pin layout, which should be trivial to map onto the minimus. If you’re using an avr-isp clone or arduino-as-isp then the pinout will depend on the exact software/hardware combination you’re using.

      An FTDI cable is a completely different thing, and won’t work.

  2. fcapp says:

    I got the bootloader (atmega32u2) to load–no problem – Arduino blinking as required.
    Try to program it using Arduino and get the error that ATmega32u2 not recognized.

    What should I be trying?

  3. Daniel Radcliffe says:

    Can anyone tell me what the best way to flash the arduino bootloader is? I’ve got FLIP, and my R-Pi is currently set up as a ISP programmer with avrdude, but i cant seem to find out how to flash the new bootloader :(



  4. Kevin says:

    A Big guess looking at the age of your posts but – do you have and Atmel Minimus avr 32 usb boards left?

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