About us

Leeds Hackspace is a place for anyone to communally get together, socialise and create with access to space/workshop that has tools that you may otherwise not be able to have hands-on with thanks to the membership, donation and contribution of the hard work of its members and very kind people whom aren’t.

We are entirely membership run and funded.

This means that all members typically pay a fee and that includes the Directors.

Leeds Hackspace is ran as a not-for-profit company by practice, so every penny made from donations and membership fees goes into providing services and facilities that are decided by its members with Directors taking part to help it stay together.

This means Leeds Hackspace can have amazing tools such as a laser cutter, metal lathe, computer systems, welding kit, various saws, a 3D printer or two, a vinyl cutter and a silly amount of electronics, with some quad copters thrown in. Some are owned by Leeds Hackspace bought from membership funds, others are on loan from members and stored at the Hackspace for members to use.

Joiin in with what members have been getting up to on the blog. You can also read how to become a member. Or catch up with others on the mailing list.


Get involved

We have a regular weekly open evening, chosen because it was the most convenient for members to be able to open it for the public. It is on Tuesdays at 7pm until late, we also have one monthly on a Saturday. You can keep track of our open days/evenings and events on the Meetup group.

Its not essential to have a project to visit, come down and have a look around, socialise, ask someone on how to learn to use a new tool, tinker, get ideas, get involved. Or hover around and absorb in the conversations if that’s more your thing.


Who is in charge at Leeds Hackspace?

Our current Directors are:

Companies House/HMRC Liaison : Fligg
Without Portfolio : Joe
Without Portfolio : Paul
Without Portfolio : Matt

Leeds Hackspace was officially incorporated in 2009 and is a group aiming to provide Leeds with a permanent not-for-profit space for learning in typical STEM topics and more. If you’re unsure about what to expect form hackspaces in general, read more here, or just visit on one of our open nights.

If you think that you can help to run it better, then get involved with the mailing list, chat channels and open days/evenings. You could run for Director or even an event or workshop at Leeds Hackspace, or help everyone to find a new place to be.