Everyone in attendance at Leeds Hackspace is expected to abide by The Rules.

Here is what you get for becoming a member:

Membership – £25 per month.

  • A membership RFID card
  • Access to tools, including those that require induction, for example (but not limited to):
    • Laser Cutter
    • 3D Printer
    • Vinyl Cutter
    • Heating Press
    • CNC Mill
  • Permits use of and access to equipment and communal resources (soldering irons, capacitors, ‘to hack’ hardware scrap)
  • Storage space where available
  • Access to the Hackspace 24/7 via card while the space is opened by a keyholder of the Hackspace
  • The ability to run for Director of the Hackspace at an AGM
  • Vote in meetings taken by the Hackspace
  • A say in how the Hackspace is run, operated and what additional tools and equipment the Hackspace acquires
  • The ability to become a keyholder
  • Opportunity to run and arrange workshops if desired

Please Note: membership is currently only open to people over 18 years of age. People younger than 18 are welcome to visit in accompaniment of a responsible adult. We hope to open up access to the hackspace for people under 18 in the future. If you would like to discuss this please contact the directors.

Student Membership – £12.50

  • This gives access to the workshop, all its tools and equipment while the space is opened by a key-holding member of the Hackspace. You can also apply for 24 hour access.


  • Welcome to visit outside of the typical open evening/day times for a suggested donation of £5, but please contact one of the directors or members (details here) to arrange your visit beforehand.

Keyholder Access

To become a keyholder you must first be a member. The requirements for keyholder access are defined in the Hackspace Policy.

  • After one month of being a paying Member of the Hackspace you are elegibile to become a keyholder
  • Being a keyholder grants the ability to access the Hackspace by yourself and open it up for non-keyholder members of the Hackspace
  • Keyholders are particularly responsible for non-keyholder members and non-members using the Hackspace when they have it open and using the Hackspace.

If the monthly £25 membership fee is difficult for you, or you have other circumstances affecting your ability to pay, but you still want to be a member, then get in touch with the directors with details on your circumstances.

You will be required to give us a form of ID and personal details when signing up to become a member of the Hackspace.

Membership subscriptions are paid by standing order to ‘Leeds Hackspace’, using your name as a reference, to these HSBC details: