Everyone in attendance at Leeds Hackspace is expected to abide by The Rules.

Here is what you get for becoming a member:

Membership – £25 per month.

  • You start as a probationary member with access to the Hackspace 24/7 via card while the space is opened by a full member of the Hackspace
  • A membership RFID card
  • You will be given a short induction into the workings of the space.
  • Access to tools, including those that require induction, for example (but not limited to):
    • Laser Cutter
    • 3D Printer
    • Vinyl Cutter
    • Heating Press
    • CNC Mill
  • Permits use of and access to equipment and communal resources (soldering irons, capacitors, ‘to hack’ hardware scrap)
  • Storage space where available
  • The ability to run for Director of the Hackspace at an AGM
  • Vote in meetings taken by the Hackspace
  • A say in how the Hackspace is run, operated and what additional tools and equipment the Hackspace acquires
  • The ability to become a full member
  • Opportunity to run and arrange workshops if desired

Please Note: membership is currently only open to people over 18 years of age. People younger than 18 are welcome to visit in accompaniment of a responsible adult. We hope to open up access to the hackspace for people under 18 in the future. If you would like to discuss this please contact the directors.

Student/ Unwaged/ Low Waged Membership – £12.50

  • This gives access to the workshop, all its tools and equipment while the space is opened by a key-holding member of the Hackspace. You can also apply for 24 hour access.


  • Welcome to visit outside of the typical open evening/day times for a suggested donation of £5, but please contact one of the directors or members (details here) to arrange your visit beforehand.

Full Member

To become a full member with unrestricted 24/7 access you must first be a member.

  • You will need two full members to vouch for you to become a full member yourself. We try to make this a painless as possible but it is a way to see that a new member has enough common sense to have unrestricted access to tools and not be a hazed to themselves, others, or the Hackspace.
  • We try to be proactive about getting people 24/7 unrestricted access as we want you to get the most out of the Hackspace and so a committee member will often come to you and offer you 24/7 access. If you have been the the Hackspace a few times and haven’t yet been approached, ask a couple of member you have met about sponsoring you or speak to a committee member who will try to help you.
  • If someone has inducted you on a machine they are likely to vouch for you too.
  • What do we look for? Using tools sensibly- and asking how to use tools you are unfamiliar with instead of guessing. Following the rules. Not making a mess and leaving it to inconvenience someone else. Not creating hazards for yourself, others or the Hackspace.
  • Once you have two sponsors a committiee member will take you through your induction which coveres opening and closing the hackspace and your responsibilities.
  • Being a full member grants the ability to access the Hackspace by yourself and open it up for probationary members of the Hackspace
  • Full members are particularly responsible for probationary members and non-members using the Hackspace when they have it open and using the Hackspace.

If the monthly £25 membership fee is difficult for you, or you have other circumstances affecting your ability to pay, but you still want to be a member, then get in touch with the directors with details on your circumstances.

You will be required to provide us with personal details when signing up to become a member of the Hackspace. We have a signup station inside the entrance to the Hackspace to take your details and give you the information you need to know to get involved.`

Membership subscriptions are paid by standing order to ‘Leeds Hackspace’, using your name as a reference, to these HSBC details: