All the new toys! Lasers, Lathes and L3DPrinters?

This month has been very successful at furnishing the space with some fun new toys^H^Hols.

Arriving at the space imminently* we have the following :-

Laser cutter and 3d Printer

Laser cutter and 3d Printer

A shiny new metalworking Lathe – not exactly new, in fact may be older than our previous lathe, we have gone for an upgrade as the previous one was on loan.

A shiny new laser cutter – 60 watt A2 size (600mm x 400mm).  We have ordered this from china and will be upgrading the electronics with an open-source control board.

A shiny new 3D printer – This is more an extra 3d printer for the space but is a commercial FDM printer claiming a layer height (resolution) of 20 microns!  It is not owned by the hackspace but will be living at the hackspace with availability for members who have done the 3D printer induction plus a brief extra induction covering the differences.

All of the above tools do require inductions for safety of members and longevity of the tools themselves.

*Imminently in this case meaning within the next two months or already arrived.

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