What’s new at your Hackspace?

If you’ve been following the mailing list then you’ll already know that the members have been busy tidying!

The once grotty toilet is now seeing better days, the leak will be repaired and the walls are being/been cleaned up and painted. If it hasn’t been done already, the floor will be, too!

We may still not have decent security cameras, but the screen to help monitor the Hackspace is in place and a web page is being developed to show on it the relevant camera(s) and any important information. People are welcome to chip in on developing what will be shown on it.

The roof should also have some extra sealant to prevent further leaks – this has came on in leaps and bounds over the past year and the main desk will be significantly dryer to say the least!

Speaking of desk, work has begun on a new one so that there’s more work space to sit at. The current desk, while useful in some regards just couldn’t house everyone.

Power tools have also been tidied and labelled in respective boxes.

So improvements abound! Thanks to everyone and members whom have volunteered in helping out so far!

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