A Busy Weekend

Saturday saw 3 of us take a trip to Harrogate for the Model Engineering show, thousands of square feet of exhibition space filled with tool porn and stunning models (though the term “model” doesn’t really do them justice!).

It was an exhausting day, and required monumental effort not to spend every available penny we had on the vast quantity of shiny stuff available. We spent the rest of the weekend attempting to sort out more stuff around the hackspace, but we seem to have acquired the habit of collecting more and more stuff. Fortunately in this cast the stuff was incredibly useful. a HUGE thankyou to the pedallers arms (our awesome neighbours downstairs) who wanted to get rid of the coolest junk cluttering up their cupboard, so we now have a rather nice bench pillar drill, and a lathe (the labeling is somewhat ambiguous, but it seems to be some sort of Axminster 460)!

If anyone knows anything about the lathe, or could even provide us with a manual (or even the loan of one which we could copy) we’d be eternally grateful.

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  1. jon says:

    It seems that Axminster themselves are incredibly helpful, and we have a pdf copy of the manual. If only every company was this suppportive of their products!

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