80s Night

Shinaku goes back to the 80's with a BBC MicroBit of an impromptu 80s night tonight.

Shinaku, deciding to get the BBC Micro working but lacking a monitor cable spent a little while playing with fedora 5.5 and a tv capture card before bodging a BNC test lead into service.

Not properly used in years, the BBC sprang to life and apart from a couple of dodgy keys, seemed to be working absolutely fine. There was an amount of the obligatory `10 PRINT LEEDS HACKSPACE; 20 GOTO 10` and was just moving onto some far more interesting colour (proper spelling) manipulation when things obviously got far too exiting and in retaliation the Micro set itself on fire and started belching an upsetting amount of constant magic smoke. Interestingly, the program kept running, so whatever component committed Seppuku obviously wasn’t that integral. Time to build an operating table so we can see what’s going on.

In other news, we adopted an old 80’s cabaret arcade table which needs some TLC (and insides) and I spent some more time hitting hte floor with a hammer. Progress, I tells you.

Tomorrow we have a contingent heading to The Harrogate Show, specifically for the Model Engineering and Modelling… should be a fab day out.

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3 Responses to 80s Night

  1. Ollie Clark says:

    > RUN
    Mistake at line 10

    There’s no ; on the end of lines in BASIC (you can use a : to separate statements on a single line) and you need to quote the string after PRINT. And you use GOTO.

    10 REPEAT
    20 PRINT “Leeds Hackspace”
    40 ON ERROR GOTO 10 : REM Disable escape key.

  2. midnightoker says:

    You are of-course completely correct. I tend to use a semi-colon to denote new line, which whilst completely appropriate for perl fails miserably here.

    Thank you for the ON ERROR trick to disable the escape, that’s cruel ;)

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