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Laser TLC #1

Introduction The 6040 laser cutter in Leeds Hackspace has never been fully serviced. Various types of laser cutter can be sourced from china and its always a mixed bag of what kind of components you get making up yours. The … Continue reading

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New Space Update #3 – Wall Edition

Update Walls have appeared in the new space! The new partition walls and boarding are a major (£2000) undertaking in the new space – they serve to create the new porch area, workshop which is sound isolated and the divide … Continue reading

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New Space Update #2

Update Things are progressing with the new space and the general feeling is that we are now ready to press on the accelerator and speed towards the grand opening! Most of the major work projects have been identified and measured ready … Continue reading

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New Space Update #1

Update After gaining access to the new space we set about actively working out the floor layout using ticker tape. The overall impression is that the new space is large and to allow for growth the area of the workshop … Continue reading

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Spacey McSpaceface

News You might have seen that we have recently been looking to move the Hackspace. As of TODAY I can confirm that we have an agreement lined up, it has been signed and Spacey McSpaceface (official name) is a GO! … Continue reading

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