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You might have seen that we have recently been looking to move the Hackspace. As of TODAY I can confirm that we have an agreement lined up, it has been signed and Spacey McSpaceface (official name) is a GO!

The new space is bigger, which means that the new rent is higher – but we have tirelessly negotiated a very good deal on a 7 year lease with a breakpoint at 3 years. We also have a generous 3 month free rent period as well as a lease that lets us alter to our hearts content!

However the cherry on the cake is that its not a particularly difficult or far move, as the unit we’ve signed up for is just around the corner!

We are planning to have as little crossover time between the two spaces as possible; but we expect it to be around a month. If you are feeling particularly like you want to obtain your leadership badge we are looking for MOVE COORDINATORS that should roughly align with one area of space activities.

Now onto the FUN STUFF


Unit 14, Sheepscar House, Sheepscar Street South, Leeds, LS7 1AD

Is it a good space?

The new space is within budget (sustainable with 50+ members) We are taking approximately 2100+sq ft of space for £800 pcm. The Landlord has been very proactive pre-agreement to do some work to make the space better, new skylights have been installed and the walls have been made good. The 3 month rent free period allows us to do a lot of improvements to make it a far better standard than the current space. Volunteer now!

Essential stuff in a space

Minimum Viable Product: these are the things that we must have in order to function as a space:

  • Toilet facilities — at present there are two toilet rooms, one will need to be removed and the one at the back needs cleaning to a good state.
  • Running water – the removed toilet will create a wet and kitchen space with access to running water and drainage already in place.
  • Electricity – the distro is in the main room and some electicals are in place. These will do for now whilst we construct any dividing walls and the new space layout – at which point we will then properly balance phases and re-wire the whole space.
  • Ability to fit internet — decent internet lets us do internety things.
  • 24 hour access – a few locks and doors needs replacing to enable this – the current plan is for two door systems will be run in conjunction as soon as the new space is safe for access.
  • Centeral location – its only a few minutes away from the current space.
  • External walls for fume extraction  — The roof is above us and two small external inlets connect all the rooms.
  • Minimum term for lease: 3 years.

Preferred stuff in a space

Make the space better for all. For the space to better we want to consider the following:

  • Disabled access – the new space is ground floor only.
  • Own street door (person sized) – the new space features a double wide front door and separate access shared with enterprise – this is subject to change to improve security.
  • Heating — not yet. We do plan to get electrical panel heating that is zoneable.
  • Insulation — no, however, the drop ceiling could be insulated ‘easily’ and the two sides are enclosed by enterprise with thick walls.
  • Natural light – skylights synergy skylights! As well as some front windows.
  • Car parking – not so much during the day, but evenings should not be an issue. There is plenty of parking around the area if you cant get into the gated compound.

What does it look like now?

Photo Sphere before

What will it look like?

This is all ‘up in the air’ but the general layout idea can be seen here:

Image of Floorplan

The general idea is to increase facilities (both utilities and teaching) and increase workshop-type space to keep projects and working separate from the other areas of the space.

When is it all happening?

We get first access on the 17th June so the official move will be Late June to July. There’s lots do do. Moving will be an enormous task, and will take several weekends (and probably a few weeks worth of time in preparation).

Resources that help us coordinate this will be released soon – most likely on the wiki and in a google sheets.

Planning meeting

A general hype meeting will occur on 14/06/2016 at 8pm – don’t feel bad if you can’t make this its really just a kick off to decide if we have missed anything vital.

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