Space Update #2

It’s been over a week since the last update – here’s what’s going on with the Hackspace.

  • We really need your input on the move – please take a look at the mailing list thread covering the latest developments with regards to the contract and negotiations.
  • HSBC has completed the instructions to diversify and secure the access to the bank account. Two signatories are now required to complete major transactions at the bank.
  • There’s a cold drinks vending machine coming! Don’t worry though, nobody will have to carry this 350 kg beast up the stairs. It will be stored securely at ground level while it is waiting for its new RFID compatible heart.
  • Joe has made a run to Makro – all your favourite drinks and snacks are back in stock again. Is there anything missing? Stick an entry on the wiki page if there’s something you’d like to see.
  • Hey what about that CNC Mill? There’s a batch of end mills winging their way from China for use in the CNC mill inductions. We’ve made the machinable wax, we are getting a space set of universal hold downs (so vital!) and now we just have to wait for the state-subsidised postal service to do its thing. More updates to come on this!
  • A total of 100 linear metres of sandpaper has been acquired in 40 and 100 grit, along with a selection of similarly coarse sheets. The finer grades are still going strong from last year!
  • The new design website is moving into the next phase where it should all get tied together and launched; expect alot more member-centric functions where your account on the website will let you place projects for all to see, as well as better clarity on where our information is stored and presented like the wiki, group announcements and documents!
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