Space Update #1

We make a lot of decisions behind the scenes to keep the space running, and there’s no easy way to keep you up to date with what’s going on without cluttering up your inbox.

Here’s a short update covering what’s going on:

  • Samwise is putting the final touches on the agreement with the landlord and letting agent for the new space. We’re looking into the possibility of opening extra skylights up to spread the natural light love. The cost for this (subject to quote) would be split between the landlord and ourselves. We might also be able to put flag pole and flag on the roof. Get involved with the discussion on the mailing list  and keep an eye out for more details soon.
  • Martyn is taking the provisional tenancy agreement for the new space to a solicitor to make sure we haven’t missed anything.
  • Aidan & Joe have taken a look at the responses to the spending plan questionnaire we sent out the other day. We’ve collated the suggestions and we’ll be sending another email soon to get more input.
  • We have newly renewed liability insurance, covering things like the classes and workshops as well as other activities. More information is posted above the sink.
  • Banking processes at the Space have been massively improved.

Check back here regularly for more news!

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