New Space Update #2


Things are progressing with the new space and the general feeling is that we are now ready to press on the accelerator and speed towards the grand opening!

Most of the major work projects have been identified and measured ready to go, including:

  • Self level the workshop area floor (and possibly beyond!)
  • Make ready the rest of floor for rent-o-sander and carpet tiles
  • Build the stud walls throughout the space, some of which are acoustic.
  • Make good the skylight well areas
  • Make good the exisiting walls in the space
  • The new front door and RFID lock system
  • Electrical planning and dado
  • Lighting
  • Fire alarm system
  • Decoration
  • Item moving

Survey Results

Results have come back and are available to view; as a summary asbestos was found in some materials in the back bathroom floor and the workshop-area floor – So absolutely NO drilling, scraping, sanding these areas of floor.

If you are at the new space there is information on the walls with regards to any work that is going on.

We now know about these materials and will be managing them into the future!



Hackspace 3.0 on 03/07

There is a new shared album with the latest photosphere here:

Call to Arms

The space now has a mighty amount of labour work to be done! Paint needs stripping, holes need filling and we are requesting that people with time and a drive to help out step forward to help get Hackspace 3.0 ready! – Talk to your nearest friendly director to get cracking as these can be taken on alongside many other parts of work.


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  1. Keith says:

    Are you still wanting help on this?
    Would you accept work in lieu of membership fees?

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