Happy Birth..day? to… us? Okay that’ll do!

Whether it’s of the Leeds Hackspace or just since we moved into our current location off Mabgate Green, it’s been almost a year (a year this Saturday so I’m told!) since we moved into the new space!

There aren’t any certified celebratory plans as of yet but word has been mentioned that hangovers will be slept off during the bus trip down to EMFCamp the following day, by those who’re going!

There (may) be cake, ale, pizza, ale, possibly cider, if someone’s done a costco run, you can bring your own and just hang out with everyone on Saturday the 4th (this weekend!) The site should say when someone’s about as per usual if you’re a member and don’t have your own keys.

[ And stick the 21st in your calendar for our AGM :) -ed, Fligg]

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One Response to Happy Birth..day? to… us? Okay that’ll do!

  1. midnigh2ker says:

    It’s our 1 year anniversary for being in Mabgate Green -we actually moved in on Star Wars day.
    Leeds HackSpace was originally founded 29/07/2009 so we’re heading towards our 4th year in existence :)

    There are plans for cake and pizza; bring your own booze.

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