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ShrimpBot Parts

The picture on the right is a kit of parts for a ShrimpBot, a small low cost robot that could be your ideal introduction to the world of robotics – your very own robot! We’re considering running a workshop later in the year where we’ll be building ShrimpBots, but in order to ensure we have the right number of kits available we need some idea of how many kits to produce.

Assembled ShrimpBot frame

So, if you’d like to join the Leeds Hackspace Robot Army and be commander of all the desk you survey then leave us a comment here and we’ll make sure we produce enough kits!

We’re hoping a basic kit will be around £20, but it’s a flexible little beast so you can expand it with all manner of inputs and outputs as there are plenty of spare pins available, so you could outfit yours with a selection of sensors for detecting obstacles, following lines, or reacting to noises.

So, sign up now!


ShrimpBot1 from Jon Stockill on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to Join the Leeds Hackspace Robot Army

  1. James Fisher says:

    James loves shrimp! Count me in :)

  2. Alison Earnshaw says:

    I attended your raspberry jam today an expressed an interest in shrimp it’s :)

  3. jon says:

    v1.6 of the shrimpbot chassis has just been released – gives me an excuse to build another prototype (this time with 1:120 motors rather than 1:200).

  4. Molly Fletcher says:

    Yeah, count me in.

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