December 2011 Financial Update



Being honest about how small our group of subscription paying members was has paid off, we have three old members tempted back into subscribing over the last couple of weeks. It’s also great to start seeing people we’ve missed over the summer coming back to the Tuesday night meetings. Knowing how close LHS2 is to being created and being able to see how we’re doing via regular updates and the thermometer hopefully will help others make the decision to join us!

Current Financial Position

We’re currently at £2103/£3000 raised. We said we’d start talking contracts on LHS2 anywhere north of £2700.

We’re *this* close to getting LHS2!

If you can fling a bit more in the pot, please, please do. We get £300-£350 in member contributions a month but if people can dig deep and spread a bit of Christmas cheer we can get the space right after the new year.

Wouldn’t you like to start 2012 *knowing* there was a hackspace waiting for you…?

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