When 3D Printing Goes Wrong

Inconsistent Flow Rate by j_ridley2000

One of the best thing about the hacker/hackspace community is the willingness to share mistakes. And one the best examples is the The Art Of 3D Print Failure group on Flickr. A small group of people sharing what they’ve learnt from their 3D printing experiments by getting it very, very wrong.

It all stemmed from a blog post by RichRap. RichRap normally makes fabulous things but he decided to take time to diagnose why some of his attempts at printing had gone horribly wrong (and in some cases looked like ectoplasm). From that post, the group was born.

Here in Leeds we’re all keen to get a 3D printer right after getting the new space and some of our members are already using their own and learning how to avoid the pitfalls. Check out this piece Craig brought along to our Tuesday meeting this week:

Craig’s Printing

It’s part of one his current projects and is a fair bigger than most badges and trinkets we’ve seen as starter projects. In fact it took 3 hours to print due to the size/thickness of it. We were all impressed by the solidity of it and the fineness of the weave which is really visible close up.

Craig’s promised to run a 3D printing day for us next year so we can start plotting crazy designs of our own, can’t wait! Even if we get it wrong, we’ll have somewhere supportive to share the photos…

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