The 2011 Leeds Hackspace AGM

So, the AGM then. The highlights.

New directors:
Finanical – Jonathan P
Promotion/Communications – Alex
Companies House/HMRC Liaison – Daniel
Without Portfolio – Mick

This means that the group now has specific people in place to handle designated paperwork, queries and issues. All four directors can be reached on the mailing list or in IRC if you have a query for them. They will be regularly reporting back on how everything’s going.

To see the specifics you’ll need to take a look at the mailing list, but we’re doing okay clearing off what we owe and we’ve got decent, solid plans on getting ourselves into our new space. Donate to show your support or sign up as a member if you can.

New Space
We recapped why we’ve left LHS 1 in Holbeck (a bit too far out of the city centre and a little too small) and now we’re definitely going for it, we want LHS 2. LHS 2 is a city centre space, much bigger and much better suited to workshop events and kitting out to our needs as a group. We’ve been to two viewings of LHS 2 now, taken lots of photos and measurements and now it’s time for the hard stuff – we need to raise the funds to get into the space. So that’s our main focus for the next couple of months.

Big plans are coming, come along to one of our regular Tuesday night, city centre meetings to get involved!

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