Partnership with Farnell (almost)

Hello everyone,

The directors have been contacted on at least two occasions about developing a small scale partnership with Forward3D; these people are working with Premier Farnell/element14 to help create more content for the site(s) and generally get feedback on stuff that we sell at the company (yes, I work for element14, too, coincidentally).

So I’ve been talking with Forward3D (because I hadn’t heard of them before, but they are genuine as I checked with the Farnell Marketing team) and they need to know if there are any specific components that would help with any workshops, projects or otherwise that people are working on?

This isn’t something to be passed up or ignored and I think this would be a lost opportunity if it isn’t taken up. So even if you are just spending an hour a week to get something done, or if you need some parts to get the rest of your work complete, it’d be a good idea to mention/list/feed back to me what you need/want.

Let me know, here, in person or e-mail or on the mailing list (!topic/leeds-hack-space/GJ_7INY_5kw) as soon as you can.

Forward3D are also contacting other Hackspaces in the UK to try to develop something more national in the future.

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