MendelMax Upgrade

MendelMax Shaft Couplers

Our MendelMax 3D printer hasn’t even printed anything yet (The first extruder we fitted was unfortunately far from serviceable, and we’re still awaiting some parts for the replacement – a tried and tested design) but we’ve upgrading parts on it already. The printed shaft couplers never seemed particularly robust, and since we’ve got our lathe working it seemed like an excuse to produce something useful. I’m rather pleased with the result, they should be far more rigid than the printed parts they replace, and they’ll fit in rather nicely with the black and aluminium colour scheme.

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  1. jake smith says:

    Hi, sorry not involved with hackspace prior but i am a 3D printing specialist and been in the industry for 6 years now. One of my expertise is with rep-rap style printers.

    Your going the wrong direction with your couplers, you require flexible decoupling couplers. This will ensure accurate and consistent layer heights.

    Fixed couplers have been widely known to cause a wide range of issues with restricting the lead screws. The most common is refereed to as Z-axis “wobble”, (there are many causes to this this is just one such example).

    Also if yourd like some advise on getting the best out of your printer feel free to get in contact.

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