January 2012 Financial Progress

The current funds raised total is £2735/£3000 (which is wonderful!) and talk on the mailing list is now turning to the practicalities of getting a lease signed for LHS2 and doing it up as soon as possible. If you’re a member or potential member head over and join the conversation.

Meanwhile, JP (Squirrel) and I (Alex) are stepping down as Finance Director and Promo/Organising Director. It’s been a hard slog for the last four months and we’re both ready to stand aside and watch from the sidelines. Taking over an existing group with problems and a backlog of debt is never easy but we’re delighted that the debt has been cleared and the membership and visibility of the group increased. LHS2 promises to be a great opportunity for the current members, future recruits and Leeds itself. We look forward to seeing what happens next!

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