November 2011 Financial Update


Huge thanks are due to our fellow hackers-in-arms at Nottinghack for their wonderfully generous donation. Many thanks for this, we can’t wait to repay you in manly hugs and beer at the launch night of LHS2.

We also owe a hat tip to Phenoptix and Sam Foster who generously put money in our hat this month too.


We now have seven subscription paying members each month. Seven doesn’t sound very many but we did lose subscriptions over the summer and have been working to encourage others to get behind the idea of LHS2. Everyone should now be paying into the HSBC account but please check your standing order to confirm it is going to these details:

If you’re one of the folks who used to pay a subscription but stopped for whatever reason I’d urge you to reconsider or make the occasional one off donation!

Current Financial Position

We suspect there are some more donations in the old Co-Op bank account (which we stopped using in September) but we’re waiting for a statement to confirm this, the figures below are only based on the HSBC account which we have full visibility of.

With the donations mentioned above, the £500 from Level B mentioned last month and our regular subscribers we should be at +£300 within the next week.

We set ourselves the target in September to raise £3000 – £1000 to clear outstanding amounts and £2000 to pay for the first two months rent, deposit and refit of a new space.

£1300/£3000 raised in two months is great progress.

But as always we need to keep going if Leeds is going to get the killer hackspace it clearly needs. If you could donate yourself, can think of someone to forward this link to or just fancy giving us an early Christmas present then please, please do. LHS2 is a reality, it will happen and you can help it happen faster!

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2 Responses to November 2011 Financial Update

  1. Hi Alex,

    While I am all for the cause :) it’s not very clear from this website what LHS is doing; what projects it has worked on and would it really benefit me to become a member.

    I am a full time professional (and have a family as well :) and don’t have the luxury to just attend some event without knowing what LHS is all about.

    Would you consider adding some info about the project LHS has worked on? Or some profiles of the existing members, etc?

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Jaywalker,

    Must confess my first thought was to nudge you to read a few of the posts to get a feel for what we do. Realise though that there will be others who want the recap-of-the-basics you’re asking for and so should now answer your questions. Hope you decide to brave coming down to meet us at some point. :)

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