Upcoming Events

On Sunday 19th June Thwaite Mills is hosting “WWII Operation Continuance” – A celebration of the continuation of the people of Leeds to the war effort and how the people’s spirit could not be broken. An ideal opportunity to learn about some local history, see some historic vehicles, as well as being able to tour the water mill. With so much happening you’ve got no excuse for not being there!

Update! There’s the possibility of transport to Thwaite Mills by narrowboat – places are limited and subject to confirmation that there’s somewhere to moor the boat. If you’re interested then please let us know (by email, twitter, irc, or a comment below).

On Sunday 26th June we’re planning a trip to Middleton Railway it’s practically on our doorstep, one of our members is even a volunteer there, and yet we’ve still not been! If it’s a nice day then a picnic in Middleton Park is a definite possibility.

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