It Wouldn’t Be A Hackspace Without Robots

Here’s another video for you all from last Tuesday: some elegant robotic artistry (or “what happens when you strap a marker to a robot and put it on a whiteboard”).

Bot 1 – Is it art? from leedshackspace on Vimeo.

This time courtesy of our resident mapping and robotics geek, Nav. He’s been busy tweaking his robot every week, making it perform ever-more nifty tasks. In the past few months we’ve seen it trace lines, bump into things, and even trace lines THEN bump into things.

He’s also given it infra-red eyes so it can map it’s own environment. It faces obstacles with a rotatable distance sensor mounted on the front and the obligatory superfluous laser.

If you want to know more about this bot, he’s been documenting it on the wiki. Or you can come along on Tuesday evenings or Saturdays to see it in action and build your own.

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