Arduino fun at GeekUp Leeds and beyond

Tonight is the monthly local techie meet-up GeekUp Leeds. There’ll be a talk by Gareth Halfacree on the most popular programmable microcontroller: the Arduino. An Arduino is a programmable chip which makes it really easy to consume input from electronic sensors, process the data and spit out commands to anything from LEDs to servo motors or wireless controllers. It’s used by hobbyists and artists to create many things, from building swarming robots to controlling lights on grand art installations.

Leeds Hackspace has members who know plenty about Arduino and electronics, and we’ve got the kit for newbies to have a go themselves!

Our inventory available to members is growing by the week, and we currently have 4 arduino boards for people to play around with, as well as other similar programmable microcontrollers, fully configured PCs and plenty of components – not to mention a workshop with power tools if you want to create larger (and more dangerous) things.

So if tonight’s talk at GeekUp piques your interest, or if you missed it and want to know more you should come along to the meetings (every Tuesday night at the space) or keep an eye out when we’re open other days and try your hand at building something.

Bot I – Lines and Bumpers from leedshackspace on Vimeo.

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