Hackspace Party Tomorrow

This is a reminder for the bi-weekly hack party at OBH tomorrow!
(Tomorrow is Tuesday 30th June, 6pm-8:30pm).

I hope to see you all there. We have a lot to talk about…

– Fund raising! After the success of the pledges 2 weeks ago we need to
chase up any outstanding monies, and plot our next money-making

– Hack spaces! This week there have been three potential spaces
investigated. Two city centre office-type environments and one soon-to-
be-renovated garage in Holbeck. We shall feed back information, photos
and maths to all who want to listen.

– Software projects! An exciting plan of action has come out of the
recent discussions around a local social history resource and making
greater use of community resources (e.g. Leodis.net). I have invited a
few people along to try drum up some enthusiasm, and to get cracking
on the first of many exciting web-based projects.

– Hardware hacking! MORE ROBOTS. Robots are cool.

– Curry! There’s a few of us heading out for curry afterwards. Fancy
joining us?

See you tomorrow.


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