First Meeting Summary (by Oomlout)

We Came, We Talked, We Plotted Leeds-wide Domination.

The first meeting of the Leeds Hackspace was a resounding success. We talked about our plans for the space, some of the challenges we may encounter, and just generally hung out and had a good time in the company of cool people. We also drew up plans for a Leeds-wide invasion but more details on that in future posts.

What We Did:

We didn’t hash out too many concrete plans (that’s what future meetings are for), but the details of our planned projects and space requirements can be found on our wiki.

What’s to come: (Next Meeting Details)

Buisnessy Items: (May 5 6-7 at Old Broadcasting House)
Our next meeting is planned for two weeks time at Old Broadcasting House. Its going to be broken into two sections, if your interested in helping us decide the admin details of the Hack Space come from 6-7 where we’ll go over the business end of things, such as space selection and financing ideas.

Break Out the Arduino Fun: (May 5 7-8:30 at Old Broadcasting House)

The Second half of the meeting will be an Arduino fun night. So if you’ve done cool stuff with an Arduino bring it along to show off. If you’ve heard about Arduino and would like to find out more we’ll have a few extras kicking around so bring yourself and we’ll find someone to help you get started. If you don’t know what an Arduino is that’s okay, come along and hang out. More details on what we have planned will follow.

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