Where Do We Go From Here?

After bringing Hackspace up in the Leeds2600 meet last week, the main questions were: “whats next?”, “how can I help out?” and decided this would be a good area to expand on.

The idea for the next couple of weeks is to start arranging regular meetups where all interested parties can come along, meet each other, discuss and hack on projects they find interesting, whether its something new brought up during the meets, or just something they’ve been wanting to work on but haven’t had the time.

Assuming everything goes to plan and there is enough interest in the project, we will begin discussing location, infrastructure and possibly most importantly, funding (through e.g. membership when we get to that stage) as a community.

I will be looking around Leeds this week looking for places that wouldn’t mind hosting a meeting that has free Wifi and hopefully power so we can get started. Feel free to recommend places so I’m not wandering around Leeds blind, either through comments here, sending a tweet to leedshackspace or leaving a Group message.

For those who want to help out, what we really need for the time being is more support. If we’re going to get this off the ground we’re going to need people. So, keep passing on the word, keep retweeting, keep thinking up and putting forward ideas on the mailing list on our Google Group.

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