Bike Mapping

Fitting a motorbike with mapping and measuring equipment to map roads from a bike’s perspective.


Oxford Heated Grips:

  • controled by arduino
  • control panel interfaced to arduino providing 5 leds and 3 buttons.



  • eee power
  • grip control panel
  • heated grips control


eee 701 :

  • display & keyboard removed
  • power button broken out
  • power supply from bike controlled with ignition and handle bar controls.
  • usb gps dongle for location
  • mounted under the seat



  • gyro
  • magnometer
  • accelerometer
  • led removed
  • vibration motor removed.



  • Reflash PSMove to cover the job of the arduino and provide data via usb (currently bluetooth).
  • Photo’s & documentation.
  • Software