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Hackspaces, FabLabs and Raspberry Pi

The Radio 4 show Click On features London Hackspace, Manchester Fab Lab and Raspberry Pi to compare ideas and models across cities and needs. Continue reading

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Photos Please!

We have a new Flickr group. One of the best ways to explain what hackspace is, what hackers and makers do and what we’re up to as a group is to *show* people. Photos of what we do while fundraising … Continue reading

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RepRap 3D Printer Projects

What if you could build a machine which can build a copy of it’s self? The RepRap project is aiming for just that. But what is it? The current version of the RepRap is a rapid prototyping 3D printer which … Continue reading

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Leeds Hack Space on Outriders, BBC 5 Live

A fortnight ago we had a visit from Andrew Back, complete with camera, microphone and a remit from BBC 5 Live show Outriders to get an idea of what happens at Leeds Hackspace. The show is now live, available for … Continue reading

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Leeds Hackspace at BettaKultcha2

The slides are up from a recent short presentation at BettaKultcha 2. Hosted in Temple Works, BettaKultcha is a cultural event full of short talks from people active in the Leeds community. The second event was very interesting indeed. Of … Continue reading

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