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RGB Backlit Arcade Buttons

*UPDATE*: Code available at A couple of months ago we acquired an arcade cabinet from the lovely people at HacMan (it was non-working and surplus to requirements). Since then Martyn has been working on replacing the screen with a … Continue reading

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£1,000 for Beaglebone Black Challenge!

Edit: fixed Google Group link, oops. The LeedsHackspace has entered a challenge against Pumping Station 1 thanks to Element14. We have 4 weeks (less than actually due to various delays, etc.) to get a project going and win a vote … Continue reading

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Sun Chime

Some time ago I presented my wife with a shop-bought wind chime and a promise that I could solarize it to make it ring whenever the sun came out. I’ve made these “sun chimes” before and in the depths of … Continue reading

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Self Calibrating Potentiometer

Update: Code edited for clarity and make sure you read pbrook’s comment So I have a dial connected to an Arduino, a potentiometer (pot), it’s the typical item you might use for volume or brightness control, turning it all the … Continue reading

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MendelMax Upgrade

Our MendelMax 3D printer hasn’t even printed anything yet (The first extruder we fitted was unfortunately far from serviceable, and we’re still awaiting some parts for the replacement – a tried and tested design) but we’ve upgrading parts on it … Continue reading

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Is it me, or is it hot in here?

As anyone who’s been to the hackspace recently will know, it’s often not the warmest place.  This has led to some members becoming a bit obsessed with temperature sensors.  Our resident bot already has a temperature sensor, but we had … Continue reading

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Arduino and the Minimus 32

We recently bought a big pile of very cheap AVR Minimus 32 USB dev boards via Manchester Hackspace. These ship with a DFU bootloader.  This works fine when building regular C code, but that involves a fair learning curve for … Continue reading

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OggCamp, Printers and Pi

We’ve had a busy couple of months since my last update, with more new faces (more members are always welcome, there’s still plenty of room!) and some great progress on one of our larger projects. 18th/19th of August brought OggCamp … Continue reading

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Have you tried turning it on?

I’ve recently been reviving a Thecus N2100 NAS box.  This is a low-power ARM machine with 512Mb ram, 4 USB ports, a pair of 3.5″ SATA drive bays and lots of potential for hacking.  However it does have one major … Continue reading

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When 3D Printing Goes Wrong

Inconsistent Flow Rate by j_ridley2000 One of the best thing about the hacker/hackspace community is the willingness to share mistakes. And one the best examples is the The Art Of 3D Print Failure group on Flickr. A small group of … Continue reading

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