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Making board games with lasers

With our new laser cutter being purchased I thought it about time to finish of a post about what I did with the last one. Shogi is a Japanese variant of chess and unfortunately it is difficult to get a … Continue reading

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It Lives!

To see more you’ll need to come to Light Night Leeds on 3rd October – you’ll find us in Leeds City Museum!

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Pints of water all round!

Today saw the inaugural meeting of the Leeds HackSpace “You better believe I’m going to taste all the ingredients” (Lick All The Things!) Brewers and caffeine aficionados society (name to be confirmed). tldr: Equipment was sterilised, water was boiled and … Continue reading

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Awesome continues……

Our lonely little circuit board now has 511 friends and Light Night is fast approaching. Construction continues.

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Beware! The UberCube is coming!

It doesn’t look much does it? How could something this mundane unleash such huge amounts of awesome? Keep watching to find out!

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Virtual Radar

Since both the hackspace, and my home are fairly close to the approach to Leeds/Bradford airport, and I’ve always had an interest in aircraft I’ve often wondered what was flying around, so decided that building my own virtual radar system … Continue reading

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Fixing an LED Cube with Hot Glue

Last weekend we went to the UK Maker Faire and saw many awesome things, including some very nice LED cubes. Inspired by this I thought I’d have a go at building a small one. Constructing the cube itself was relatively … Continue reading

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3d Printing: Printer part designed and printed!

This weekend at the hackspace I realised that my personal 3D printer needed a part that we made for the space printer using the laser cutter. Unfortunately the laser cutter is no longer with us and it was a little … Continue reading

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Surface Mount?

Today we learned a lesson in quality control. And how little some suppliers have. We recently bought a set of (very) cheap “stepstick” 3D printer stepper motor drivers. While attaching heatsinks we noticed one board wasn’t mounting correctly. Further invstigation … Continue reading

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The Evil Snowman

This year I decided to have a go at building my own electronic christmas card. As I have no real artistic skill, I did cheat a little, and started with a regular off the shelf card, featuring a snowman on … Continue reading

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