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Virtual Radar

Since both the hackspace, and my home are fairly close to the approach to Leeds/Bradford airport, and I’ve always had an interest in aircraft I’ve often wondered what was flying around, so decided that building my own virtual radar system … Continue reading

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Fixing an LED Cube with Hot Glue

Last weekend we went to the UK Maker Faire and saw many awesome things, including some very nice LED cubes. Inspired by this I thought I’d have a go at building a small one. Constructing the cube itself was relatively … Continue reading

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The Evil Snowman

This year I decided to have a go at building my own electronic christmas card. As I have no real artistic skill, I did cheat a little, and started with a regular off the shelf card, featuring a snowman on … Continue reading

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Flying Squirrel

Our 3D printer (a stretched Mendel Max) has recently got to the point where it works. To test this we ended up printing a selection of squirrels (currently posing on our webcam). We started with the medium sized white squirrel, … Continue reading

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Vote for Us!

The BeagleBone Black challenge is over and we’ve managed to get the arms moving on the foosball table and track the ball using the BBB, motors, laser cut plastics, bits of wood and electronics! What we need now, so that … Continue reading

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Challenge Progress !

As part of the BeagleBoneBlack Challenge set by Element14/Farnell it was requested/a requirement to post a blog update each week. We were informed of this a bit late so I pushed out a short update, then a longer proper ‘week … Continue reading

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RGB Backlit Arcade Buttons

*UPDATE*: Code available at A couple of months ago we acquired an arcade cabinet from the lovely people at HacMan (it was non-working and surplus to requirements). Since then Martyn has been working on replacing the screen with a … Continue reading

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£1,000 for Beaglebone Black Challenge!

Edit: fixed Google Group link, oops. The LeedsHackspace has entered a challenge against Pumping Station 1 thanks to Element14. We have 4 weeks (less than actually due to various delays, etc.) to get a project going and win a vote … Continue reading

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Sun Chime

Some time ago I presented my wife with a shop-bought wind chime and a promise that I could solarize it to make it ring whenever the sun came out. I’ve made these “sun chimes” before and in the depths of … Continue reading

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Self Calibrating Potentiometer

Update: Code edited for clarity and make sure you read pbrook’s comment So I have a dial connected to an Arduino, a potentiometer (pot), it’s the typical item you might use for volume or brightness control, turning it all the … Continue reading

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