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We make a lot of decisions behind the scenes to keep the space running, and there’s no easy way to keep you up to date with what’s going on without cluttering up your inbox. Here’s a short update covering what’s … Continue reading

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What’s new at your Hackspace?

If you’ve been following the mailing list then you’ll already know that the members have been busy tidying! The once grotty toilet is now seeing better days, the leak will be repaired and the walls are being/been cleaned up and … Continue reading

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Quarterly Meeting!

At the last AGM we said that we would try to have a meeting about every three months. A little overdue but the next meeting will be on the 4th starting at 8pm. This will cause a little disruption to … Continue reading

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AGM 2013 (past tense)

A big thanks to everyone who attended the AGM last night; new, old and non members alike. Big thanks to James for taking minutes, Stanto and Andy for going out for pizza and Paul for making his last non executive … Continue reading

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Happy to… us? Okay that’ll do!

Whether it’s of the Leeds Hackspace or just since we moved into our current location off Mabgate Green, it’s been almost a year (a year this Saturday so I’m told!) since we moved into the new space! There aren’t any … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Movement (and first “proper meet”)

It’s been a somewhat crazy weekend, but with the massive help of a number of members (and non-members alike) we’ve finally gotten (nearly) all of our stuff out of storage and into the space. Saturday and Sunday were spent moving … Continue reading

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LHS 2.0 is a reality

We got possession of the keys to the new space yesterday (LHS 2.0 – or is it 2.3? We don’t really care, we’re just happy to be in there!), and a few celebratory drinks were had. Today we’ve spent the … Continue reading

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Space for a Space

So here’s a somewhat verbose update on where we are with regards to actually getting HackSpace into a space. It’s getting cross-posted on both the website and mailing list. And its tl;dr’d at the bottom -badly. As I can’t come … Continue reading

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The 2011 Leeds Hackspace AGM

So, the AGM then. The highlights. New directors: Finanical – Jonathan P Promotion/Communications – Alex Companies House/HMRC Liaison – Daniel Without Portfolio – Mick This means that the group now has specific people in place to handle designated paperwork, queries … Continue reading

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Upcoming AGM & Big Reboot

Leeds Hackspace AGM: Tuesday 27th September, 7pm As you might have gathered from all the bold, we’re having our AGM at 7pm on Tuesday the 27th of September. I know -you’re silently cursing me, but you’re still liable to forget. … Continue reading

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