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New Space Update #3 – Wall Edition

Update Walls have appeared in the new space! The new partition walls and boarding are a major (£2000) undertaking in the new space – they serve to create the new porch area, workshop which is sound isolated and the divide … Continue reading

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Scrap material setting gauge

When doing repetitive jobs on the lathe it is helpful to have a way to easily measure and preset the length of material protruding from the chuck. This gauge assists in doing just that and is made from a length … Continue reading

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New Space Update #2

Update Things are progressing with the new space and the general feeling is that we are now ready to press on the accelerator and speed towards the grand opening! Most of the major work projects have been identified and measured ready … Continue reading

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New Keypad for the New Space

We need a new keypad for the new space, and a custom made enclosure seems just the ticket. The current wood-and-hot-glue RFID reader has served us very well over the years but it’s looking likely it will stay where it … Continue reading

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New Space Update #1

Update After gaining access to the new space we set about actively working out the floor layout using ticker tape. The overall impression is that the new space is large and to allow for growth the area of the workshop … Continue reading

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Workshop changes

Those of you who’ve been to the hackspace in the last week will have noticed that new workbenches have been installed in the workshop. There’s a shelf for storage beneath each bench and which should allow the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Making board games with lasers

With our new laser cutter being purchased I thought it about time to finish of a post about what I did with the last one. Shogi is a Japanese variant of chess and unfortunately it is difficult to get a … Continue reading

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Pints of water all round!

Today saw the inaugural meeting of the Leeds HackSpace “You better believe I’m going to taste all the ingredients” (Lick All The Things!) Brewers and caffeine aficionados society (name to be confirmed). tldr: Equipment was sterilised, water was boiled and … Continue reading

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Creating a 3D Scanner – I want one!

I wanted to 3D print a part for a remote control car, I had recovered it from a skip from the back of my house and someone had super glued the steering to a metal shaft connected to one of … Continue reading

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Surface Mount?

Today we learned a lesson in quality control. And how little some suppliers have. We recently bought a set of (very) cheap “stepstick” 3D printer stepper motor drivers. While attaching heatsinks we noticed one board wasn’t mounting correctly. Further invstigation … Continue reading

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