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All the new toys! Lasers, Lathes and L3DPrinters?

This month has been very successful at furnishing the space with some fun new toys^H^Hols. Arriving at the space imminently* we have the following :- A shiny new metalworking Lathe – not exactly new, in fact may be older than … Continue reading

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3d Printing: Printer part designed and printed!

This weekend at the hackspace I realised that my personal 3D printer needed a part that we made for the space printer using the laser cutter. Unfortunately the laser cutter is no longer with us and it was a little … Continue reading

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DIY circuit boards, and what to do when it all goes wrong

So there are lots of ways to do electronic projects, and most have been used at the hackspace – Breadboards, Stripboard, Variboard; but I wanted to try my hand at PCB making, opening up opportunities to work with surface mount … Continue reading

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3d Printshow London

This weekend was the 3d printshow in London and I (Martyn) went down to see who was there, on the midnight coach on Friday, arriving in at 06:20! Well there were quite a few interesting people at the show, but … Continue reading

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There I was, in a field with around 500 other geeks, makers, and hackers, with power and cat5 to any tent that wanted it, wifi to the entire field, a 380Mbps link to the major Milton Keynes datacenter, 1 hop from … Continue reading

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