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Virtual Radar

Since both the hackspace, and my home are fairly close to the approach to Leeds/Bradford airport, and I’ve always had an interest in aircraft I’ve often wondered what was flying around, so decided that building my own virtual radar system … Continue reading

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RGB Backlit Arcade Buttons

*UPDATE*: Code available at A couple of months ago we acquired an arcade cabinet from the lovely people at HacMan (it was non-working and surplus to requirements). Since then Martyn has been working on replacing the screen with a … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Laser Cutter Alignment Problems

I’m writing this because it appears we’re not the only ones to suffer from this problem, but there’s little information out there, and it initially had most people I asked completely baffled. Martin Raynsford suggested the problem was most likely … Continue reading

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National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2013

This weekend the national modelling and model engineering show is back to Harrogate. It’s a fantastic day out whether you’re after tools, materials or just inspiration for your next project. We’ll be paying a visit at some point over the … Continue reading

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Join the Leeds Hackspace Robot Army

The picture on the right is a kit of parts for a ShrimpBot, a small low cost robot that could be your ideal introduction to the world of robotics – your very own robot! We’re considering running a workshop later … Continue reading

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3rd Leeds Raspberry Jam – 16th February

We’ll be hosting the 3rd Leeds Raspberry Jam on the 16th Feb starting 12pm. Previous events have seen mini arcade systems, Raspberry Pi ports of classic games, and the amazing PiFace to Minecraft hack from Angus (As featured on Hack … Continue reading

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For those forgetful members

If you forget where you are you can just check our new sign (yes, blue LEDs are a bit over-used, but it’s the Leeds Hackspace colour, so I couldn’t resist). The sign is laser cut from 3mm transparent acrylic with … Continue reading

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MendelMax Upgrade

Our MendelMax 3D printer hasn’t even printed anything yet (The first extruder we fitted was unfortunately far from serviceable, and we’re still awaiting some parts for the replacement – a tried and tested design) but we’ve upgrading parts on it … Continue reading

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Leeds Raspberry Jam – 15th December

We’re hosting Leeds’ first Raspberry Jam!  For anyone who’s interested in the Raspberry Pi and would like to meet up with other people who share that interest.  There’s no strict structure to the meetup, but we plan to have demonstrations … Continue reading

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Workshop Update

I’m happy to report that our lathe is now working. There’s a shortage of tooling at the moment, but hopefully this situation will improve over the next few weeks. Details on the lathe are being collected in our wiki.

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