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Edge Lit Acrylic Sign

Edge Lit Acrylic Sign

Edge Lit Acrylic Sign

3mm acrylic etched with the hackspace name and logo, edge lit by blue LEDs.

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  1. Sarah Hanna says:

    We are a law firm in the city centre who have gents, ladies and disabled toilets in our reception area. We are looking in to having some edge lit signs to make the toilet entrances more noticeable and to be DDA compliant. I was wondering if you had photo’s of anything like this or could give ideas on design. They would have to stand out but still have a corporate image.
    I’m currently not sure what colour the company want to go for. We have purple, yellow, green and burgandy (all quite natural not bright), in reception. Can you acheive many different colours with edge lit signs? It might turn out they just want a white light, but enquiring just in case.

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